Believing in Abundance

Christianity is undergoing some changes. Our mission to preach good news to the poor has not changed, but who we think of when we think of “the poor” is very different. There are still plenty of people who go without adequate food, shelter, and other necessities all around us. But what we are missing is the gradual increase of people who are spiritually depleted.

Today, people spend what little free time they afford themselves on things that entertain them or provide community around shared activities. We have seen the effects of this at Charlotte-Fagan: we are seeing fewer people less often. This has effected our worship services, our study and group ministries, and our events. We can either look at this as a dark omen of scarcity or we can embrace the abundance of all that we have.

To embrace our shared abundance, we have shared opportunity and shared responsibility to help:

We need the help of people who want to participate and collaborate with others to help our church grow.

We need the help of givers who can give generously to our financial needs.

We need doers and workers to refresh and maintain our building and property.

If you are unsure how God is calling you to be an active participant in the work of God’s kingdom and in the church, the first step is to walk down the path of discipleship. Here are some ways you can begin to grow.